Re: Sawfish-capplet Patch


Thanks for your comments:

> |-  AC_MSG_CHECKING([for GNOME control center config])
> Is removing all these checks correct?

I couldn't find any reason to check for older version of gnome control center

since  there is no gnome2-control-center pc file,  there is no direct way of
checking for gnome2 control center library and lib files.  hence i removed

> I think you need to work out which libraries the capplet needs to link
> against, then test for them in (though I can probably do
> this if you don't want to)

i'll do this and send it.

> |-          capplet_widget_state_changed (CAPPLET_WIDGET (capplet), TRUE);
> How does the new control center recognize when changes are ready to be
> applied? Or does it not do that anymore?
> I can't really comment on the other widgetry changes, I need to look at
> how the control center works these days
> |@@ -250,15 +235,12 @@ sawmill_setup (void)
> |-      argv[i++] = "--socket-id";
> |-      argv[i++] = buf;

Please first clarify this.
When i gone through the code, i could find sawfish itself taking care all.
So in order to bring up sawfish-capplet in gnome2  (atleast to start without
gconf stuffs) i  created  a dialog  widget and  added the sawfish capplet
Sawfish itself  creates all  widgets, handles all events, enables the apply
and  ok button
accordingly and  does apply. So  why do you need extra library calls  for
the event changes and others?


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