Re: Sawfish-capplet Patch


Thanks for the patch

JeyaSudha writes:
|-  AC_MSG_CHECKING([for GNOME control center config])

Is removing all these checks correct?

|--- sawfish/capplet/	Fri Feb 22 10:10:50 2002
|+ GNOME_CC_CFLAGS=-I/opt/gnome-2.0/include/gtk-2.0 ...

This is definitely wrong. You should never hardcode this type of thing
in Makefiles, it's totally non-portable. 

I think you need to work out which libraries the capplet needs to link
against, then test for them in (though I can probably do
this if you don't want to)

|-	    capplet_widget_state_changed (CAPPLET_WIDGET (capplet), TRUE);

How does the new control center recognize when changes are ready to be
applied? Or does it not do that anymore?

I can't really comment on the other widgetry changes, I need to look at
how the control center works these days

|@@ -250,15 +235,12 @@ sawmill_setup (void)
|-	argv[i++] = "--socket-id";
|-	argv[i++] = buf;

How does the slave program know which socket to use? Did you disable
the embedding of the customization window into the control center?

Finally, how did you test these changes?


ps. please don't send this type of mail to the sawfish-announce mailing
list, that's for announcements not patches

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