Re: [Usability] Re: changed executable names

fre 2002-02-15 klockan 02.21 skrev Seth Nickell:
> gcalc => gnome-calculator
> gcharmap => gnome-character-map
> gsearchtool => gnome-search-tool
> logview => gnome-system-log
> meat-grinder => archive-generator
> gmix => gnome-volume-control
> grecord => gnome-sound-recorder
> procman => gnome-system-monitor
> yelp => gnome-help (? not sure about this one)

We decided to install it as yelp and make a symlink from gnome-help ->

Imho this approach is better since

   * It gives the user the same functionality
   * You don't have to go modifying all modules

For example, say that someone else implements a new gnome-system-monitor
that the GNOME community decides is much better than the current
procman. Just because the GNOME community decides to replace procman
with another tool doesn't mean that the author of procman wants to stop
developing it. If the module has been renamed gnome-system-monitor it
has to be changed into procman again and then the new replacement has to
be renamed, this scheme doesn't scale very well imho.

Also, users will probably have a hard time knowing in what module bugs
will be reported in. For example gnome-help and yelp. If the Yelp binary
is called gnome-help and the module is called yelp people will have no
way of knowing where to add bugs. Sure bugs for yelp could go to a
gnome-help module, but the gnome-help (from gnome 1, this is another bad
point, how do we refer to them??) bugs go there as well. I'm totally
uninterested in the bugs of gnome-help (from gnome 1 :) since they don't
apply to Yelp (if it's not a feature request that people want in a help

  Mikael Hallendal

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