Re: Sawfish building patch

Owen Taylor writes:
|There is really good (IMO) code for this in the gtk-engines/pixbuf.
|Vastly better then imlib1, which honestly, is complete crap as far as
|scaling and memory management goes. (I'm sure imlib2 is much better.)

Cool, I'll look at using it when I have time..

|The GdkRGB overhead is a a fixed per-process overhead that we can
|attack per-process. As compared to Imlib overheads which are 
|a) very hard to quantify. b) when it has been quantified, is usually
|all caching stuff where the is no benefit to caching.

sawfish tries to defeat Imlib's image caching (I think I had to copy
images then delete the originals or something)

But yeah, it does suck

|(GdkRGB overhead = 6*265*64*bytes_per_pixel, or ~200k for 16bpp.)

I thought it was more than that, I must have misremembered..

|Well, as far as bugs go, would you rather deal with:
| gdk-pixuf: Part of core GNOME for GNOME-1, part of GTK+ for GTK+-2.0.
|            GDK, several people actively work on bug fixing.
| imlib1: Not maintained.

Sorry, I wasn't saying that the bugs were in either Imlib or
gdk-pixbuf, but in sawfish's use of them

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