Re: [Usability] Hiding Viewports

On 14 Feb 2002, Seth Nickell wrote:

> > > > > Properties" capplet is not finished though, so we may be stuck with
> > > > > sawfish capplets for one more release (oh well).
> > > > > 
> > > > 
> > > > Why would desktop propeties (like say the number of workspaces) be set by
> > > > a capplet called window propeties? We are also very badly running into
> > > > beta with the introduction of new code if we introduce the new window
> > > > propeties capplet...
> > > 
> > > It wouldn't be. The number of workspaces is set by selecting properties
> > > on the workspace switcher "applet" menu. We just can't get rid of
> > > Sawfish capplets entirely until some of the functionality is in other
> > > capplets, and the big one that's missing right now is the window
> > > properties capplet.
> > > 
> > 
> > Seth - does anybody else but you agree this is a good direction to go? 
> >
> > 	Sander
> Does "this" mean getting rid of the Sawfish capplets, or putting
> workspace settings in a contextually appropriate location, or creating a
> window capplet, or... ?

"this" means the grand total of what you seem to be advocating as the new
world order for desktop (and window) configuration setting mechanisms -
not having a window manager specific capplet but having a universal
capplet for changing it (which will supposedly need to support "backends"
so it can happen for various different window managers?) and having the
pager be the only place from which the "how many workspaces" part of
desktop configuration is changed  - and I'm not sure why the number of
desktops being viewed as a pager propety is "contextually correct". 

Surely if I am a regular user who doesn't frequently change the settings
but wants to customise the desktop a maximum of once or twice a year, it
makes sense to have the configuration accessible from one, but not several

I also don't remember seeing any amount of discussion on this in a general
mailing list...

> -Seth


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