Re: OOP applets; man pages

George <jirka 5z com> writes:
> s/like in Windows/like in GNOME/
> Status dock thing has been there since like 1.2.  Just no one is
> using it.

I know it's been there, but no one uses it because we don't have it
turned on by default, and gtk/libgnomeui don't support it. It also
hasn't been made explicit when to use this vs. an applet.

Doesn't it use the same setup as the KDE one? I'd personally like to
see the protocol for it cleaned up and written down and put on, and at that point I think it'd even be reasonable to 
have a GTK feature for this, though I don't know if others would
agree. Certainly a libgnomeui feature.

> And really that was the idea of the status dock, if an application wants to
> put something on the panel, putting up an applet is annoying and obnoxious,
> especially if it is temporary since you might close the app soon.

I agree.


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