RE: gtk+1.3 library

   Well, I see gtk+ using lot of deprecated calls. I also saw many patches submitted
   in bugzilla (#52790) but not yet gone into the source.

   I have replaced all the GtkType & GtkTypeInfo to GType & GTypeInfo.
   The attached diff contains the changes. I 'm planning to do all signal changes 
   (replacing gtk_signal_* calls) also in the library. 

   Expecting your comments.


"satyajit  kanungo" <satyajit kanungo wipro com> writes:

>   Hi 
>   I am trying to build gtk+-1.3.12 (from GNOME alpha release) on my Linux machine.
>   and it builds properly on my system.
>   I found  the gtk sources still using  deprecated features such as 
>   GtkTypeInfo,GtkType variables, gtk_signal_new etc. Are there any plans to  
>   removed these features in future  versions.

Yes, but probably not any time soon. Except for using GTK+ for example
code, there is no real harm in having use of these functions inside GTK+.
>   I am thinking of making the changes to remove the above deprecated
>   features  from the library. Any suggestions ??

Is a bug tracking this issue, with some patches on it.


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