Re: Where Are you with GNOME2.0 porting

On Fri, 2002-02-01 at 12:37, Karl Gaffney wrote:
> Hi, 
> As QA coordinator for Gnome2.0 I'm attempting to get a handle on the
> quality of the Gnome2.0 Beta release, packages due 11th Feb. If your a
> maintainer of Gnome2.0 module(s) I'd appreciate your answers as to
> whether you've implemented the following porting changes to the modules
> you've integrated into Gnome2.0.
> 	Module Name: 			Glade
> 	Port to Gnome2.0 API:		Not complete yet
> 	Uses deprecated widgets:	Yes, GtkCList/GtkCtree
> 			types		I'm not sure. Not a problem, though.
> 	Uses Gconf:			No, but doesn't save preferences.
> 	Session aware:			No
> 	 (uses wm_save_yourself)
> 	Help (scroolkeeperXML docs):	Uses scrollkeeper, but not XML yet.
> 	Useability (HGI):		No, but I think it is OK-ish.
> 	Accessibility			No
> 	utf-8 clean			Almost
> 	Uses pango for fonts		Yes

I'm working on it full-time now, so progress will be quicker.


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