Help required on "GMenu" implementation using Model/View architecture.

	I am going through the source code of "GMenu" application. As per the GTK
2.0, GtkTree and GtkList widgets are deprecated and we have to

use GtkTreeView,GtkTreeModel widgets to adopt Model/View architecture. In
the above application we will have to use gtktreestore as a model which

will store information in terms of GtkTreeIter and at the same time we need
to update GtkTreeView to show on the GUI so that both of them will be in

	As per my understanding to extract information of selected column of
GtkTreeView we have to use following steps :-

	1> Get selected item using GtkTreeSelection from GtkTreeView.
	2> Get selected GtkTreeIter of GtkTreeStore from above GtkTreeSelection.

Please suggest better way for extracting data from GtkTreeView.

Thanks in Advance,

NOTE: I have not subscribed gtk-list mailing list so please send your
suggestions to nitin yewale wipro com .

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