Re: Resizing resolution in X

On 31 Jan 2002, dave wrote:


 It's X's limitation. Though there is an API to query current videocard
resolution, one will have to query it constantly to detect the change.
And it's useless thing to do - so just don't alter resolution if you
fear your windows friends won't like it :)

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> Not sure if this is a gnome problem or X, but why when you resize the
> desktop using cntrl+alt+(+/-) does the size and location of the gnome
> panel not change to fit onto the different resolution. I guess this
> isn't that big of a problem, but it is somewhat naggin, and something
> that i wouldn't want to show my windows using friends. Is/can this be
> fixed in gnome2 or is this an X problem. Semi-newbie question thanks...
> dave
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