RE: Sticky Notes

Alan said:
> If it is almost finished and feature complete then why is the version
> number 0.5? A shortlist or a roadmap to 1.0 or something along those 
> lines would be very interesting.

Of the top of my head:
	- Finish documentation (doing that now)
	- Finish internationalization (more about that below)
	- Add a preferences dialog (but only for color and initial size, 		the
other settings shall be gconf-editor only)

Daniel said:
> Killing the panel with xkill the restarted one shows the applet
> in the list of applet which can be added. Still one should not have
> to kill it, the panel should have a way to detect the change.

I completely AGREE. Would it be too slow for the panel to check the hard
drive and dynamically generate the applets menu each time the menu
opens? Or does it regenerate menus every 5 minutes or so? What does the
main menu do in this regards? (On a side note, the workaround I use is
to just create a new panel, use it to add the applet, then move the
applet to the old panel.)

Chris said:
> Removed overly used @package@ macro's from .in (makes it less readable
> and if your gonna rename it, do a search & replace please ;-)

You know, you're right. I overuse it in my code too. Gonna fix that.
Thanks for the spec file cleanup!

Alan said:
> You say that the notes save on exit and also every five minutes.  Five
> minutes seem like quite a long time for what i expect would be short

I agree, more on that below.

Ok, I got a couple of questions now.

- How do I internationalize strings in GNOMEUIINFO_ITEM_STOCK when
making a GnomeUInfo? I put N_() around the strings, but when does _()
get called on them?

- Is there any way to detect when an applet is closed? I just found out
that the applet does NOT save on exit because the destroy function I had
connected to never gets called. I guess when I choose "Remove from
panel" the panel kills the applet outright.

- Is everyone else seeing the help okay? I can get to the help by
clicking Gnome Help and then browsing to the applet's documentation. But
if I choose help from the applet's own right-click menu, it gives me an
"Unable to find the GNOME_FILE_DOMAIN_APP_HELP domain" error.

I was thinking a better way to do the saving is as follows: Anytime I
create/delete/modify a sticky note, a flag is set. Any time a sticky
note loses focus, the flag is checked, and if set, saving occurs (and
the flag unset). So I'll connect to either focus-out or
leave-notify-event signals. This way all modifications are saved early,
and there is no unnecessary saving all the time. How does that sound?


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