Re: Sticky Notes

On 25 Dec 2002, Loban A Rahman wrote:

> Date: 25 Dec 2002 21:38:18 -0800
> From: Loban A Rahman <loban earthling net>
> To: desktop-devel-list gnome org
> Subject: Sticky Notes
> I discovered a couple of bugs, plus finished the rest of the features.

Looks pretty neat and you have looked at similar programs and made
comparisons and learned from their interfaces which i am always glad to
see but ...
If it is almost finished and feature complete then why is the version
number 0.5?
I would be interested to know what you consider to be the requirements for
this program to be declared ready for a stable 1.0 release?

I am guessing: documentation, various kinds of detailed testing.
A shortlist or a roadmap to 1.0 or something along those lines would be
very interesting.

> :-) I think all it's missing is a little more extensive documentation.

hmm, im not doing much at the moment (not volunteering just yet but


You say that the notes save on exit and also every five minutes.  Five
minutes seem like quite a long time for what i expect would be short
notes.  I would suggest maybe also saving every time the user hits return
(which would roughly indicate the end of a paragraph) unless this
introduced too much of a noticable delay.  Losing sticky notes to a crash
(however unlikely) after 4 and half minutes would be very very annoying.

Looks great, hope to try it out thoroughly soon and offer more
constructive, hopefully useful suggestions.

Alan H.

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