Re: [Usability]GNOME personas

On Tue, Dec 24, 2002 at 01:19:39PM -0800, Maciej Stachowiak wrote: 
> The very first link you mentioned warns against reusing a persona
> intended for one application in the design for another, as their use
> is extremely context-specific. So it sounds like picking three
> personas for all of GNOME, as opposed to a specific piece of GNOME, is
> missing the boat.

In saying "for GNOME" I mean "for the desktop shell", which is the
sort of shell environment everyone uses. Panel, window manager, file
manager, etc.

We can split up "window manager personas" and "panel personas" but on
quick thought it doesn't make sense to me - the "shell" should be a
single unit that's coherent. I wouldn't expect to have a different
audience for the panel and the window manager.

Of course we need to draw some lines as to which modules use which
personas - who uses the terminal and what are their goals? who uses
Gnumeric? - but that's part of the exercise.

I didn't mean to assume a priori that we'd have one set of
personas for everything that links to GTK.

Once people have read the book we should definitely consider how we
section up the modules in terms of target audience. This could even
drive how we do the releases ("core desktop", "fifth toe", all that
historical question).

Guys, this is for sure hard/complicated - tough decisions, tough
questions - but that just makes it more important to try to go through
the exercise. But, we need people to understand the base parameters,
so we need to wait for book-reading.


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