Re: The Importance of Being Frozen

That was kinda funny. It may have been true once upon a time. But I
think the judge and jury have gotten wind of this lawyer's reputation,
and so the moment he appears they immediately proceed to knock him out
with large stones - similar to what they do to trolls on mailing lists.

On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 04:31, Bowie J. Poag wrote:
> Jeff,
> You forgot one.
> UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER:  A pre-historic caveman, who, upon being revived
> from a frozen block of ice,  becomes a successful defense attorney. He goes
> on to win an unusually high number of cases, due to the fact that the
> prosecution underestimates both his intelligence, and his grasp of
> modern-age ideas.  Beneath his charming exterior lies an angry, drunken
> cynic who knows he's pulling a fast one on his contemporaries. By offering
> himself up as nothing more than a humble savage,  the Unfrozen Caveman
> Lawyer uses his uniquely witty brand of down-to-earth common sense to win
> courtroom victories for his clients. In one word: Sassy!
> Please add this to your release schedule notes.
> Cheers,
> Bowie

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