Re: The Importance of Being Frozen

Hi Bowie,

	I just discovered a _really_ good way for you to contribute to Gnome.
It has the potential to make Gnome both slightly faster and smaller - it
also requires almost no degree of intelligent thought.

	Let me use this as a litmus test of the sincerity of your wish to help

	Checkout HEAD gnome-vfs; poke in see the list of headers

	For each of those headers, do this:

	load header,
	foreach method (header) {
		prepend '_' to method prototype;
		grep all files for instances of that method
		prepend '_' to method usages / impl.

	Do nothing else to confuse the patch. Having done this send the results
of diff -u to me. The net result of this will eventually be a smaller
faster linking cleaner Gnome.

	Go go go ! you too can make a difference,



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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