I've been waiting for a gnome-icon-theme module to appear in bugzilla,
but it hasn't happened, so I'm going to post this here.

The current gnome-icon-theme uses standard folder icons from the eazel
nautilus theme but uses folder icons from ximian-south for ftp,nfs,smb,
and the default network share folder icon.

Personally I (and a whole lot of 2.1 testers) don't find the eazel
folders very g2dish. To me the ximian-south folder are a much better
default look.

There are three solutions to this problem:
1. Change the eazel folders to ximian-south
2. Change the ximian-south network folders to eazel folders.
3. Choose another folder theme and change both to that.

I'd vote for number 1


ps. If anyone with 2.1 would like to try out a modified version of 
gnome-icon-theme using the ximain-south folder icons you can get it
here: ,
just extract it into $PREFIX/share/icons

pps. The trash and blockdev icons could do with some improvement too but
they are not nearly as important as the folder icon.

ppps. It would also be cool to add some other icon themes to the
gnome-themes package. I can convert them for this purpose...
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