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Now this is something that you should file a bug against. You do have a point there.

Op 14 Dec 2002 12:52:58 -0800 schreef George Farris <george gmsys com>:

> This is somewhat sad.  When adding a new service we should be
> presented with the a list of the most common protocols to add.  Most
> people don't even know what "mailto" is.  Also I have my mailto
> configured to run Evolution but it isn't in that list.  Confusing, you
> bet.
> George Farris <george gmsys com>
> On Sat, 2002-12-14 at 00:05, Vincent van Adrighem wrote:
> > Op 13 Dec 2002 23:54:02 -0500 schreef Louis Garcia
> > <louisg00 bellsouth net>:
> > 
> > > I'm using galeon2 and want to use evolution when I click on an
> > > email link. The file types and programs capplet is a little
> > > confusing. How do I add a mailto protocol?
> > Hi,
> > This is a question that shouldn't be asked on this list, but rather
> > on some end-user list, but the answer is: Go to your gnome settings,
> > advanced section. Select "filetypes and programs" or something like
> > that and look up the section "internet services" In that section,
> > add a new service with "mailto" as the protocol.

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