libzvt-2, gnome-terminal-2 fail silently on irix 6.5

Hello People,

I'm working on porting gnome 2.x to my own version of IRIX 6.5 called GNU/IRIX. I've been able to build everything in the "development" part of the depends.png/dia diagram and everything is tested ok. I'm building from 2.1.3 sources.

I'm running into problems trying to get libzvt-2 to work; It builds succesfully and linking gnome-terminal-2 against it is not a problem either but the following error occurs when trying to start gnome-terminal-2 or zterm (included in libzvt-2 sources):

root iris:~# zterm
(zterm:812431): Glib-WARNING: **: giounix.c:396Error while getting flags for FD: Bad file number (9)

In this case zterm (or gnome-terminal-2 for that matter) opens a new window but fails to put a shell in it, which ends up in the parents' window with the forementioned error message.

I've found a bug on (#58580) which looks suspiciously similar in its symptoms but applying the mentioned patch (changing CONTROLLEN's int to long in gnome-pty-helper.c and subshell.c) does not change libzvt-2's crude behaviour in my case.

Does anybody have any idea where to look? I understand that libzvt is deprecated in favor of vte, but vte fails to even build without TIOCSWINSZ and friends which seems to be part of glibc which is not available to me (unless there's an iconv-like sollution where TIOCSWINSZ and TIOCGWINSZ functionality is added through a library of sorts - ofcourse, I might be entirely wrong and mistaken regarding these things - if so, please correct me).

Kind regards + thanks for the most beautiful desktop,


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