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On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 00:11, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> > 	The Contributors name is now in a very second place. It's okey that
> > GNOME is now supported by big companies, but it's wroten by people.
> > Also the Credits dialog in gnome2 is really horrible (scrolling in both
> > directions in ugly!). Maybe the old "Brought to you by" code (really
> > beautiful, and the one you want to show to your mother saying "Ey Mum, I'm
> > here!") could be merged.
> 	Yeah, that sucks. It'd be cool to do the "Brought to you by"
> stuff before the companies.

Alternately, could treat the companies as 'just another contributor' and
insert them randomly in the list of individual contributors. Could even
allow contributors to append their own logos if they wanted to :)

Additional thought: could we figure out some way to separate
'contributed recently' from 'contributed in the distant past'? I
definitely feel we should still recognize those who have contributed in
the past as long as they still want to be recognized, but at some point
separating them out so that we can 'highlight' people or organizations
who have continued to contribute to GNOME2.x would be beneficial, I

Luis (still meaning to write up some informative text so that this is
more than just a company billboard :/

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