Re: gnome-about

Hi Fernando,
	Thanks for looking at this.

On Sat, 2002-12-07 at 03:38, Fernando Herrera wrote:
> Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 01:14:06AM +1300, Mark McLoughlin escribió:
> >	So the recent discuss about gnome-about brought
> >home how cruft it was looking. So I took Glynn's code
> >and did a bit of work on it and committed it to the
> >new-gnome-about branch. Its a start. Comments welcome.
> 	Hi Mark. Some comments here:
> 	 The foundation logos are displayed in alphabetical order. I think
> the companies should prefer a random order (Attached patch)

	Sure. I've taken your patch, re-worked it a bit and
	committed. Thanks much.
> 	The Contributors name is now in a very second place. It's okey that
> GNOME is now supported by big companies, but it's wroten by people.
> Also the Credits dialog in gnome2 is really horrible (scrolling in both
> directions in ugly!). Maybe the old "Brought to you by" code (really
> beautiful, and the one you want to show to your mother saying "Ey Mum, I'm
> here!") could be merged.

	Yeah, that sucks. It'd be cool to do the "Brought to you by"
stuff before the companies.

> <secret mode>
> 	And what about the ee?, that puppet...
> </secret mode>


Good Luck,

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