Re: Using jhbuild

Cédric Marcone wrote:

Just a little question

if I added --prefix=/opt/gnome2 in my ~/.jhbuildrc, should I specify
--sysconfdir=/opt/gnome2/etc ?

I saw that some modules will write conf files in $PREFIX/etc without
specifying it, but others (libglade for example) will access /etc.

Is there a rule ? If yes, what is it ?
sysconfdir defaults to $(prefix)/etc, so you shouldn't need to set it. In the libglade example you gave, it tries to write to /etc/xml/catalog because that is where libxml looks for the catalog. If it can't write to /etc/xml/catalog, it ignores the error (adding the DTD to the catalog is helpful for the developer, but not required -- libglade and glade do not validate when loading .glade files).


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