Re: Using jhbuild


> Just a little question
> if I added --prefix=/opt/gnome2 in my ~/.jhbuildrc, should I specify
> --sysconfdir=/opt/gnome2/etc ?
> I saw that some modules will write conf files in $PREFIX/etc without
> specifying it, but others (libglade for example) will access /etc.
> Is there a rule ? If yes, what is it ?

My POV is that
a) you shouldn't have to specify it
b) if you do, the app should listen to it, ie if you specified sysconfdir 
but it ends up as /etc instead, that's a bug
c) if you don't specify it, the app should let the autotools take care of
   it, which would result in it ending up in $(prefix)/etc
   If it doesn't, then that's a bug as well

Bugs of type b) are simple to fix.  Bugs of type c) depend on how they 
were introduced - most notably this happens when you want to make the 
app's C code aware of the location.  I wrote a few macros to handle cases 
like these and do proper expansion of configure-time directories, so if 
you can point me to the modules that seem to be misbehaving I could take a 



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