Re: A Brief Introduction To Rewindable Desktops

On Sun, 2002-12-08 at 23:54, Bowie J. Poag wrote:
> Here's a special handicapped version for the girls who threw a pissy fit
> with the earlier copy:

You're such a tosser. Please do go away before you've insulted everybody
that hasn't already put you in their kill list.

You still haven't understood that insulting people (second time you find
funny to make bad play on words with my name) is not going to get you
attention that your ideas *might* deserve.

I can imagine a politician insulting his potential electors and then
asking them to put him/her in power. That won't work, neither do your

So Mr. "Round piece of plastic that kids used to play with when it was
still the hype" (yeah, I'm making fun of you), don't bother sending
anything in again unless you change your attitude.


PS: This is the R rated version.
Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net>

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