Re: gnome-network

On Sat, 2002-12-07 at 04:12, Alexander Gallichon wrote:
> Personally, I want lots of wireless networking tools, the question
> becomes though, which wireless networking tools?
which kind of wireless tools?

> As a GNOME user on a mobile, such things are becoming more an more of a
> neccessity. 
> Other than that network security tools with a pretty GTK+ frontend would
> be pretty nice.
> I'm not too familiar with the gnome-network module, but when I hear it,
> these are things that come to my head. The NetAdmin in me wants a
> functional and pretty GNOME tool, like GNOME-Setup-tools (is that what
> it's called now?), specificly for dealing with networks opposed to just
> a single box.
well, I think system-wide configuration/management tools should be
included in a system-wide tool, such as GNOME System Tools. I think
gnome-network should just include user-wide tools (network clients and

All configuration stuff, either for single machines or for whole
networks, is better done in GST.

So that people know, that is what gnome-network includes right now:

* gnome-sync: a rsync frontend, which I was thinking on extending to
support other sync tools, like unison, for instance.
* gmailman: not sure what this is about, since it's done in Objective C,
so haven't been able to compile it. It is a "mailing list manager",
whatever that means.
* gnome-ppp: a modem dialer, which probably should be removed, as there
is already a modem dialer in GNOME System Tools.
* comlink: not sure what this is. Haven't ported yet.
* girc: a IRC client, probably to be removed also, since there are
already some good IRC clients for GNOME.
* gnews: a news reader
* gnome-talk: a talk client
* gnome-remote-shell: a new tool I added, to open shells on remote
hosts, via SSH or Telnet


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