Re: CD burning in gnome

<quote who="Pier Luigi Fiorini">

> Il sab, 2002-12-07 alle 01:10, Bob Smith ha scritto:
> > Why? You put a cd in the drive and everyone can see it. Unless you
> > permission your mount point, which you can permission the staging area
> > with the same permissions. :)
> If there are 2 users logged in? :)
> Perhaps it's better use a system wide directory for
> root:gnomeburningusers and 1777 with some users subdirectories.
> /
>   gnomeburningplace

This is why we have /tmp.

Can you guys please check out nautilus-cd-burner (it has also been released
on before continuing this discussion? The code exists and
works, so there's little point discussing specifications requirements -
start hacking around what Alex has already done.


- Jeff

     "I don't even understand offside so I'm not likely to understand a     
                 Manchester United contract." - Posh Spice                  

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