Re: CD burning in gnome

Why? You put a cd in the drive and everyone can see it. Unless you
permission your mount point, which you can permission the staging area
with the same permissions. :)

On 7 Dec 2002, Pier Luigi Fiorini wrote:

> Il sab, 2002-12-07 alle 00:19, Bob Smith ha scritto:
> > Also, rather then putting it in a home dir, it probably should be a system
> > wide thing. If you have a system wide device like a burner, then there
> > should be a shared burn staging directory for that device. That way, you
> > dont waste lots of space amung multiple users.
> This is wrong IMHO because users data should private for other users,
> shouldn't it? :)
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> Pier Luigi Fiorini
> Rolling GNU/Linux lead developer

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