Re: cd burning in gnome

On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 01:23:30PM -0500, Alex Graveley wrote: 
> I think cd burning should be integrated with gnome-vfs, such that
> invoking a burn operation on a burn: uri will cause the cd to start
> burning.  Burning options like speed/label/audio-or-data should be
> passed as arguments here, instead of being locked up in a separate
> executable.  The advantages here are that cd-burning is 1) easily
> available to all applications, 2) that burning options, status, and
> cancellation can be controlled through code and 3) that the GUI is
> determined by the application.

What's the use-case of the above? i.e. what's an app that would do

> So, what do you guys think?

We can always add the burn-options and start-burn "ioctls" to
gnome-vfs later, even if we don't have them at first (it seems that 
the decision here doesn't affect the core burn: implementation)


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