Re: Patch for bug-buddy

On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 12:26, Fernando Herrera wrote:
> Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 11:51:29AM +0100, Fernando Herrera escribió:
> >	As usually, I forget the patch. Attached now.
> 	Well, I want to get a new record in auto-responses :)
> This patch had a little problem when going back in an unknow applications.
> This second one (attached) fixes it.

So, the patch will only work for apps that crash and have a fixed
.desktop file? The patch itself looks fine to me[1] but after
building/installing bug-buddy with the patch I don't see any change in
behavior after a crash of EOG [the only app I can repeatably crash right
now :) 

> 	Also, to add some value to this post, a patch for updating
> buzilla xml files that bug-buddy includes by default. 
> 	Now, if bug-buddy is off-line it allways uses the files 
> from $PREFIX/share/bug-buddy/... instead of the latest downloaded 
> into ~/.gnome2/bug-buddy.d/* Should I fix this(file modification date)?

If it's trivial, please do.


[1]As if I know squat about bug-buddy internals...

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