Patch for bug-buddy

	Here is a patch for bug-buddy, that uses the new stuff in .desktop 
files to make reporting bugs easier. 

	It includes three little changes:

	* Remove the non-working code that tried to select the crashed 

	* Now, after a crash it tries to get the product and 
	  component info, and if available, skips these two steps.

	* If invoked from scratch, after the user has selected an 
	  application, guess the product.

	I was talking with Luis and we think that this will very useful 
for allow non-hacker make better reports.

Please, review the patch, comment, flame, and if approved, please apply.
(Yes, I know that we're in feature freeze, but this change is small [for
the user: just skip two steps] and very useful)

I also want to add X-Gnome-Bugzilla-OtherBinaries to some .desktop file and
all the stuff to the applets bonobo-activation files.

This is my thought-list (and some patches) for after the freeze:

 * Skip mostfreq bugs page if there are no bugs of this product/component

 * Change first step:

       - If bug-buddy ran from sisegv --> Debbug screen; describe bug
       - If bug-buddy was invoked alone --> (Wellcome? / Kind of bug?);
         Select application; describe bug

 * Move download to wellcome screen and make it conditional (Update). Fix
   the logic of download/get local version

 * Re-organize some code

 * Report a bug from inside the application (like mokeytalk patch of

 * Add "kind of bug" first step --> Use different templates for 
   differents kinds

 * Add keywords and set severity based on kind of bug


Fernando Herrera de las Heras
Onírica: análisis, diseño e implantación de soluciones informáticas

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