Re: applet iid alias

>> As an aside, looking at the .server file - how come no one has noticed
>> that the notification area still uses a battery for its icon. ;-)
> That's because not enough people are dogfooding 2.2 yet. We desperately
> need to start stomping bugs now and the only way this is going to
> happen is if all our happy hackers move to 2.2 as their desktop
> </release_team_plea>

We also need to push the people who are to actually lodge bugs. I found that
during the pre-2.0 process, many people would avoid lodging bugs because
they felt that "surely these are known, or fixed in CVS".

Only when we challenged everyone by saying "we believe this software to be
correct and bugfree", was the thirst of the bug tracking system quenched.

There's a few strategies I think we can take to move this along - we'll
yammer about them at the release team meeting tomorrow night, and I'll post
publically pretty soon afterwards.

- Jeff

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