gnome-terminal fails randomly at startup

Hi all,

First of all I'm using gnome snapshots from Ximian on RH7.3
Since the 02/10/12 build, gnome-terminal (with vte) fails randomly at
startup. The terminal window appears during less than a second and the
program exits.
Clicking multiple times on the terminal launcher helps a lot !

It is reproductible under gdb with the same symptoms but there's no
failure (Program exited normally) which could help me to make a

I looked in bugzilla (gnome-terminal && vte) but I found no related bug,
am I the only one ???

I made a strace (output attached) if it can help.

Thanks for your insight.
Cédric Marcone
Centre de Technologie
(+33) 4 72 07 92 93

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