GNOME Development Series Snapshot 2.1.3: "Twin Pines"

GNOME Development Series Snapshot 2.1.3: "Twin Pines"

The GNOME Development Series Snapshot 2.1.3 "Twin Pines", is ready for your
bug-busting and testing pleasure! It is available for immediate download on and mirrors.

Detailed information about this release (with screenshots this time!):


  tar.gz:   83M total
  tar.bz2:  63M total


This release is an UNSTABLE development series snapshot. It is intended for
testing and hacking purposes ONLY. Like the Linux kernel, GNOME uses odd
minor version numbers to indicate development status, so this 2.1.x series
will eventually become the official 2.2 release. Please check our schedule
for more info:

New Features & Modules

Please see <>, the 2.1.x Development Series
start page, for more information. Our final list of new modules:

  - acme: A daemon and configuration utility for 'special' keys on modern
    multimedia keyboards and notebooks.
  - file-roller: Full-featured archive creation, browsing, and unpacking
    utility. See:

  - ggv: The ever-popular PDF and PostScript viewer.

  - gstreamer/gst-plugins: An advanced multimedia framework.

  - gnome-themes: New package of default themes for GNOME, which currently
    includes GTK+ and icon themes designed for accessibility.
  - gnome-icon-theme: Default GNOME icon theme.
  - metacity: Window manager for the adult in you.

  - nautilus-media: GStreamer-based multimedia support for Nautilus,
    including an awesome new music view and video thumbnailing.

  - startup-notification: A minimal library that supports the new startup
    notification spec from
  - vte: Terminal widget with improved font, internationalisation and
    accessibility support.

We have removed sawfish, librep, rep-gtk and libzvt from the GNOME Desktop

Build Requirements

  - The tarballs included in the release. :-)

  - Some very basic packages not distributed with this release, such as
    image libraries, popt and freetype. These should all be included with or
    available for your distribution.

  - Xft2 and fontconfig for superior font rendering and configuration, from These are absolute requirements now.

  - Docbook DTD 4.1.2, Docbook XSL stylesheets and a valid system catalogue
	file for scrollkeeper (which in turn is required by many desktop
	components for documentation).

Happy testing!

- The GNOME Release Team

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