Re: "Desktop preferences" as a top-level item

Havoc said:


> Anyway, I want to see us start from the top down. We are basically out
> of space in the Preferences menu. Do we add submenus and end up like
> the KDE prefs menu or the GNOME 1.x menu of old?
> If not we need to think this through.
> Just adding a Theme Set control panel will give us these
> appearance-related control panels:
>  - Background
>  - Font           (we should rename this Fonts btw)
>  - Theme          (includes toolkit - WM - icon)
>  - Theme Set      (includes both Background and Fonts in the set, not
>                    just themes)

This looks a little less idiotic if we replace "Theme" with "GTK+ Theme"
as was suggested elsewhere.  That may argue for splitting out the WM
theming and icon sets into separate capplets,
however.  Alternatively, we could call the "Theme Set" capplet's menu
entry (assuming for example Preferences->Desktop as the first two

Preferences -> Desktop -> General
			  GTK+  Theme

It seems that this is about grouping.  The simplest grouping from the
bottom-up perspective is to have more-or-less module-centric items (i.e.
window manager, gtk+, fonts, background, etc.) but that is probably an
artifact of the developer's viewpoint rather than representative of how
(non-hacker) users see things.  I agree that a better grouping might
combine GTK+, WM, and desktop-icon themes into one capplet (with
separate controls, of course) as has been suggested elsewhere, though I
think the "meta-themer"/Theme Set capplet would reduce the need for such

I think that the cause of the discomfort is not just the naming, it's
having a "general" appearance-changing-thingy at the same level of
hierarchy as the "specific" appearance-changing-thingies.  The question
is, which is better/worse, having general and specific items share a
level, or adding another level?  Personally I think reducing the depth
is worth the small incongruity, and using a label like "General" to
describe the simple one-click "Theme Set" UI (which by the way could
still use the phrase "Theme Set" in its presentation) might help.

> In this setup we're still missing one possibly important panel, namely
> Colors where you can just change colors (overriding the theme
> presumably). [1] 

Hmm, why would we do this when we are suggesting combining WM appearance
and GTK+ theme into the same capplet?  It's not clear to me that this
level of control is really warranted in our menus... I think if we split
Colors out from GTK+ Theme, we'd need to do some additional refactoring
as well.  Having General (aka Theme Set) and GTK+-Theme *and* Colors
seems over-redundant even to me ;-)  



> I believe that having both Theme and Theme Set, with Theme Set
> actually grouping Background and Fonts in addition to Theme, makes
> little sense. So I'm opposed to just adding a Theme Set control panel
> without reworking the big picture.
> How to rework?
> Havoc
> [1] Note that Colors is a similar problem to theme set (where a WM or
> toolkit theme is a set of colors, plus an engine/style, and you can
> customize the colors).  Having Color Sets nested inside Themes nested
> inside Theme Sets is probably too complex an overall setup.

There's no guarantee that a given gtk-engine will even pay attention to
colors, is there?  So I don't know how this would work in the "general

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