Re: Queries about release specifications [Was: who gets in and why]

On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 08:42:15PM -0700, Andrew Coulam wrote:
> Is it such a barrier to entry?  We're talking about
> inclusion in the Desktop release, and such an
> inclusion *should* have higher standards, I think.
> New developers just getting their GNOME legs can
> always develop outside the official distribution or
> can submit their applications for Fifth Toe, which I'm
> presuming will not be held to such a stringent test in
> code quality, documentation, etc.
> So, the high bar should only be for inclusion in the
> Desktop, right?

Poor code is reflected by instability and feature problems.
Layering in beaurocracy to verify something that would get weeded on
other criteria seems like a waste of precious resources.  If the
community consensus is that a app is viable, then electing a
collection of 'benevolent code fascists' to override them will not
help.  Who would want to be put in the position to judge the code ?

Lets try to keep the community fun.  If you think an app is crap say
so with a smile :-)  People will listen.  Don't elect a committee to
do it.

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