Re: Queries about release specifications [Was: who gets in and why]

<quote who="Mark McLoughlin">

> That would be just as desirable as people using the GEP process to
> make more 'techincal' decisions about the platform.

> If GEP is codified to precisely for decisions affected libraries that
> doesn't mean we shouldn't try and follow that intent when making
> decisions that are just as important.

Okay, sounds sensible.

Telsa has just kindly lodged a bunch of relevant bugs on the release team
with regards to documentation and such (assigning them all to me in the
process - GAR!)... When the FTP and 2.0.2 stuff is done, I'm going to get
stuck into those.

Hopefully that will form the start of some (hopefully fairly casual) policy
documents on things like this.


- Jeff

                        We're passe with class, eh?                         

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