Re: Gnome first-time login profiling report.

Hi Malcolm,

As Michael said, the ratios are similar for both linux and solaris.
Infact, I have results for linux also and I can send them if you want to
have a look at them.


Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hi Malcolm,

> > Is it possible to put up a tarball of the patches you made (or just a
> > description) where you added debugging output? I would like to run
> > similar tests on some Linux systems to see if the ratios are about the
> > same.
>         I think for a Linux system - they are fairly similar, yes. Some things
> are significantly worse for Solaris systems such as X font queries - but
> in the main, optimising on the basis of the Solaris trace will also
> yield siginificant gains on Linux.
>         Regards,
>                 Michael.

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