Re: .desktop -> bugzilla

On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 12:09, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> here some valid examples that recently happened to me:
> reporting bug for galeon HEAD (pointing to galeon 2) i selected CVS as
> version number from the list, got and reply where it was changed to
> 1.2.99 such things are obsolete i mean. ok the version number is
> important no doubt but its not necessary to have to change it. if it was
> my fault then because of the 'trivia' i had to enter the bugreport.

You are making some wrong assumptions.

The version number was changed for tracking purposes as the comment
says. What this means is that when marco goes on a bug hunt he would
have to search only for UNCOFIRMED/NEW/REOPENED bugs with this version
(1.2.99). Leaving the bug on version HEAD would have muddled the things
because we have reports from "previous" HEADs and he would want to see
only the things concerning galeon2.

You are not supposed to know this and you did nothing wrong submitting
this bug with version HEAD. Nor did I do anything wrong by changing the
version number.

Too much fuss for nothing.


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