Re: .desktop -> bugzilla

On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 05:58, Luis Villa wrote:
> > KDE doesn't use bugzilla? It'd be nice if when KDE apps crash we can
> > report bugs on them, and vice versa....
> They still use debbugs, which is the ultimate proof that it is our
> destiny to rule the desktop :) 

so ?

i think their bugreporting system is far better than bugzilla.

- their users don't need to deal with an horrible interface.
- you can report bugs right from the app.
- no crappy login which requires another password.
- it does what it has to do. simply reporting bugs.

it may for sure have issues that i haven't seen yet but from an users
point of view it can't go easier. how many bugs did you people missed
for gnome because the user doesn't want to create yet another account
for reporting some stuff. even bug-buddy isn't that comfortable after

after all this may be for sure a matter of taste too.

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