Re: Request for comments: GNOME Keychain


I'm really pleased to read about that stuff on this mailing list...

In fact i was planning to build a similar project for my company's use...

Let me explain...

We've built a gnome password manager software for storing safely the list of our 150's linux servers root passwords. It's based on 2 software :

- An editor that lets you create your entries in a kind of virtual DB (server oriented) and that generates an encrypted file with a pass phrase.

- A gnome application that unlock the file prompting for the pass phrase and then let you get passwords from the app to connect trough ssh to your favourite linux box...

I wanted to redevelop both of them to make a Gnome2 applet from it and maybe add later a vfs module to make that some apps could query it.

I also wanted to abstract the virtual DB model to put more infos inside WEB pass , SSL certs and so on...

Source code of the current app is available if one project it to born in the Gnome 2 community for implementing Keychain on a similar model and i would be pleased to help in this project...


Julien MOUTTE - jmoutte electronic-group com

World Trade Center, Moll de BARCELONA
Edificio Norte 4 Planta
Tel : +34 93600 23 23 Fax : +34 93600 23 10

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