Re: proposed 2.2 release schedule

What about fully supporting RTL languages. 

This is probably something we should think about how.



> So... we're very nearly at the 2.0.1 release, and a lot of people are
> itching to start on 2.2. Which maybe means we need a schedule. Here's
> the current thinking of the release team. We'd like to finalize this RSN
> so please send your thoughts and feedback and flames and such ASAP. :)
> It's important all the way through, so please read all of it :) 'Other
> notes' in particular deserve thought. 
> Most Important Dates: 
> [followed by things which start on that date] 
>         * after 2.0.2[0]: Begin work on 2.1.x.
>             * hackers focus on: cool stuff :), listing that cool stuff
>               so that everyone else knows what is going on
>             * UI/a11y focus on: finishing documentation for all hackers
>               to use[1]
>         * Oct. 31st: feature freeze, UI chill[2], completion of UI/a11y
>           docs
>             * hackers focus: feature completion, bug fixing
>             * UI/a11y teams: identify bugs in UI- all UI changes should
>               be approved by UI/a11y teams after 'chill' starts
>             * marketing and QA: get a hard feature list, inc. new
>               modules[3]
>         * Nov. 30th: UI freeze except for fixing of bugs filed by
>           UI/a11y teams
>             * hackers focus: fix bugs
>             * QA: identify features that are incomplete and must wait
>               for 2.4, and notify marketing of the things that are
>               getting dropped
>             * UI/a11y: assist hackers in fixing bugs identified before
>               freeze[4]
>         * Four weeks before RC [12/28]: hard i18n string freeze
>             * after this point, fixes (_including_ UI/a11y) go in only
>               if they have no string impact and low stability risk.
>             * Note that this is specified as 'four weeks before RC' on
>               the supposition that if the RC is moved for quality
>               reasons string freeze should also be moved.
>         * Jan. 31st: 2.2.0 release
>             * hackers, release team, others: drink heavily
>             * QA team: read bugs, drink more heavily
>             * rinse, repeat for 2.4

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