top panel over all other apps...

Hi there gnomeusers...i have succesfully compiled gnome 2 from tarballs in the 2.0 stable release, that i got from the gnome ftp site. The compile process went kind of smooth with a pair of glitches. GNOME start up well, nautilus is a great new thing, very fast, comparing it with the one that came with gnome 1.4 (slackware 8.x). Im just having some problems with the lack of porting to gtk/gnome 2 with some applications like gtktalog and gimp (1.37 works fine but crashes very often!), a sawfish related problems, but thats another mailing list. Ok, now my panel problem...i have to panels in my gnome setup, the bottom and the top ones...i dont use floating ones or alike...both work well, but with the top one, when an application starts, and happens to get in the top of the screen (window manager stuff?), i cant move it because the windows manager bar isnt accesible, the panel block it. I have in sawfish, the opcion that every app get located in the center of the screen..but in some apps this opcion doesnt work

Thank you very much for any tip. Maybe this subjet have been worked out int past messages, but im new to the list. Sorry about that.

Luis Coronado
Costa Rica

PS: as you see, my english isnt very good, sorry about that too!.

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