RE: Extending the panel

On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 00:34, Alex Graveley wrote:
> > OTOH, Apple takes a little different approach.  Instead of showing you the
> > program name and icon it shows you the entire window (only when its
> > minimized though, otherwise it would clutter too much).  This I think is
> > very cool becuase (1) one it more visual and (2) its easier to switch to the
> > program I want.
> Enlightenment has been doing this for the last two years or so.  I found
> it remarkably useless when I played with it back then.

I like that it shows only minimized windows (similar to WindowMaker). To
me the taskbar is useless atm (I have disabled it now) because it
becomes really cluttered with a lot of text that is hard for me to
connect with any running window. So when I'm ten times faster just
looking around my screen for the window I want, why should I use the
IMHO the current taskbar is _only_ usefull if one is running at least
one window maximized. 
Personally I think that fullscreen is a waste in larger resolutions (I'm
running 1600x1200) so the current setup is quite counter-productive for
me (useless taskbar and useless "maximize" button, also useless
"minimize" button and functionality because I can't find and restore
minimized windows easily).

- Daniel

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