Re: bonobo activation question

Hi Bill,

On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 12:57, Bill Haneman wrote:
> I am a little worried by references to your "expunging" remote
> activation.

	You'd be more worried by the code that did it if you read it though.
The feature has always been dead for Gnome 2.0, it's a Gnome 2.2 feature
if you want it.

>   We actually do rely on the ability to do this
> ("theoretically") via bonobo-activation, in our roadmap for
> accessibility support.

	Fine; whatever - you can make it work then; however - the code that
currently exists to try and do it, is buggy, leaks, creates nasty race
conditions, dramaticaly complicates things, I've never seen it work etc.
etc. ;-)

	So - I'm working to expunge that evil cruft from my life.

> I realize that we don't have a readymade way of doing this ATM, but I do
> expect that this feature will be laid over the existing b-a-s framework,
> perhaps via extensions to the bonobo-activation query syntax.

	Great - I'm most happy with that; no problem, it's the right place to
do it in bonobo-activation; but the current implementation is not the
right code base to build on to get it done IMO, that's why I'm pruning
it back, so we have a simple codebase, that is workable so we can move
forwards [ to more complex scenarios ] easily.

> Having sold the "remote accessibility" bill of goods I'd like to know of
> any developments or plans that might affect (adversely or positively)
> our ability to deliver it ;-)

	Sure - well CORBA will do it for you trivially; remote activation is
not easy currently - you'd need some custom setup to do that; at some
stage I hope it will be possible again. Until then I'll continue trying
to make b-a-s as clean, lean and maintainable as possible [ with a long
way to go still ].



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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