keyboard shortcuts

hi :)

i greatly appreciate the improved keyboard navigation in gnome2.

however i think there is still room for improvements:

ctrl-U doesn't clear the line anymore in text widgets.

in message boxes, the first letter of the buttons is used as an
shortcut, for example Alt-Y will activate y and Alt-N will
activate no.
why do i have to press alt here?
it would be a lot easier to simply press y or n.
one could bind both Alt-Letter and Letter-only to the button.
if some widget that needs keyboard input by itself is focused,
it should of course get those -- i don't want a dialog to close
while typing text.
but in the absence of a focused text input field, pressing
the alt key is simply not needed.

similar for many 'simple' applications:
why do i have to press Control for _every_ keyboard command,
even when the not-control keys do nothing?
one could of course say: control keys work everywhere!
everything else would be inconsistent.
but i don't understand why some applications have to use broken
keyboard commands just because others do, too...

perhaps i'm just missing some options...

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