Re: Bonobo activation question

Hi Thomas,

On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 11:09, Thomas Hunger wrote:
> I want to activate a Bonobo component on another computer using bonobo
> activation.

	I'm afraid you're out of luck. I binned this mode of operation, and
will be expunging even more of it in future, since the current design is
buggy, race prone, unneccessarily complex, unmaintainable etc.

	We will re-add remote activation in future, when the more pressing
problems of session management, i18n, multi-display etc. are handled
more cleanly and elegantly and simply.

> But it won't work this way. Can somebody help me?

	To get the effect you want, it's necessary to stringify the IOR of the
remote process, and shove it into the local object directory; to do this
on your remote server machine you need to be able to:

	* CORBA_Object_to_string (obj, &ev);

	transfer the string:

	* CORBA_Object_from_string (string, &ev);

	on the client side,

	By the time you've done that - there's fairly little point in using
b-a-s, but if you want to make it available to other people, then
register that object reference in the normal way.



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