Re: iconless apps

On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, Mark McLoughlin wrote:

> Hey,
> 	At the moment if an app doesn't supply an icon in its .desktop
> file, it gets display with no icon ... This is being discussed in
> 	and I want to get a consensus soon
> 	+ Do not display apps without an icon
> 	+ Display a default icon for theses apps
> 	+ Leave it the way it is presently
> 	The pros and cons of each option have been discussed in the
> bug report ..
> 	Thoughts anyone ?

I think not showing an icon is best. That will give incentive for the app 
developer to add an icon, and a default icon does not actually give you 
any information. It just clutters up the menu. Especially if you have 
several items in a menu without icons and they all get the same default 

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