Re: [Deskbar] [PATCH] don't start queries until a minimum number of chars have been entered

Hi Maxime !

> I've been writing a small patch to the deskbar applet so that it's
> possible to configure a minimum number of characters that need to
> be typed before the applet starts suggesting matches.  I personally
> like to set this to 2, to avoid a lot of meaningless matches when
> only one character has been typed.

I don't think i want to expose an UI for the settings. It's kind of a
"power-user" setting, and ideally deskbar should be fast enough to be
responsive with 1 char :D

I like the patch that has been attached, it seems perfect to me. Can you
however in the future post patches in bugzilla, so i get proper tracking
of issues (instead of email..) ?

Thanks !

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