Re: [Deskbar] New extension: basic unit converter and calculator

On 5/5/06, Raphael Slinckx <raphael slinckx net> wrote:
Hi !

The handler is fantastic. Thanks for contributing it!
As you said on IRC you are not interested in maintaining it, i therefore
make a call for volunteers on the mailing-list, if anyone want to tidy
it up, add currency conversion or anything please do.

I already said, *it supports currency conversion*!!!

Input: '"399 USD" GBP' (how many £ to buy a top iPod?)

tomer ubuntu:~$ units -t "399 USD" GBP

Also, some ideas for future expansion:
natural input (1 m in cm and similar) with i18n/l10n
an option to open a terminal with the units program running interactively

I think we should include it only in our future web-repository of
handlers, since it has a hard dependency on an external program.

I disagree. It already has a basic check for /usr/bin/units. You could
argue that the Google live search shouldn't be included because nobody
will bother to fetch the WSDL file. (I certainly haven't!) It's only 3

However, it should definately accept a more natural syntax before general use.

Tomer Chachamu

PS I realise the first sentence of my reply is a little inflammatory. Sorry.

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