[Deskbar] Re: problem with search engine plugin

When you complain about things, can you
* post it in bugzilla
* be a bit more descriptive, than just 'it doesn't work here is my file,
go find the problem and call me back'
* Refrain from sending to the list AND me at the same time, as i'm also
on the list

Thanks !

On Sun, 2006-03-19 at 22:09 -0600, John H. wrote:
> ok friends, i made a new search plugin from within firefox, and it
> works within firefox, but when i use it from deskbar, the results are
> not correct.
> here is the text of the file, it's the same as selecting CC and
> putting in something like 3431 as the search criteria from
> http://legis.state.la.us/searchweb.asp
> # Louisiana Legislature CC Search Searchplugin for
> Firefox/Flock/Mozilla/Netscape6/Sherlock
> # automagically created by the Search Engine Ordering extension for
> Firefox http://maltekraus.de/Firefox/Search-Engine-Ordering/
> # Created at: 3 19, 2006 (MM DD, YYYY)
> # for http://legis.state.la.us/searchweb.asp
>    version="7.1"
>    name="Louisiana Legislature CC Search"
>    description="Louisiana Legislature CC Search"
>    method="GET"
>    action="http://www.legis.state.la.us/lss/lss.asp";
>    searchForm="http://legis.state.la.us/searchweb.asp";
> 0   queryCharset="ISO-8859-1"
> >
> <input name="sourceid" value="Mozilla-search">
> <input name="lawbody" value="CC">
> <input name="title" user>
> <input name="section" value="">

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