[Deskbar] finding display names for tomboy notes

I hacked a bit on Tomboy-Leaftag integration. You can see the current results
here: http://www.iki.fi/juri/blog/tomboy_leaftag.html (sorry about the slowness,
the iki.fi redirector has been acting a bit dodgy for the last two days.)

If you don't get the images, basically you can now tag notes in Tomboy and then
using the Leaftag Deskbar handler find them. At the moment, what deskbar shows
you is something like "Open the location
note://tomboy/long-string-of-meaningless-characters". This is not ideal.

Now, I could patch the Leaftag handler to dig out the title of the Tomboy note.
I don't know if the patch would be accepted, but I could try. I just think that
would stink a bit. The Leaftag handler feels like the wrong place to hide logic
for reading Tomboy notes, that's two unconnected responsibilities being handled
by one object. And besides, it could be needed later somewhere else.

I don't know Deskbar well enough to have a clear idea about the solution - have
you guys run before to a similar problem? Have you actually solved this already?
Designing some sort of fancy central location for this that ended up being used
only in this single case would feel silly. Should I just bite the bullet and
implement it in the handler?

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